Here's how it all began and how we got to where we are today

My first Golden Retriever - Cody
Ambertrail's Bel-Mur Cody CDX WC
October 1984 - November 1997
Our first Golden Retriever after
Rick and I were together - Bud
OTCh. Maplebud
November 1989 - April 2002

Sogalla CDX WC
July 1990 - Oct 2004
Topher came to us to be boarded one summer and
never left. When she arrived she was an unconfident
girl who was afraid of men.  By the end of
summer she was Rick's best bud and spent
the next 13 years as his constant companion,
going to work, 4 wheeling trips, hunting etc.  
In this photo she's in her
favorite place.  The truck.
OTCh. Golden Prairie Lucky Charm WCI CGC OD
May 1991 - Jan 2006
Charm is the foundation of our breeding program and the
Charm in "Charmlee".  She had a great pedigree and
was a bright dogwho always wanted to learn more.
She seemed to enjoy the challenge of learning new
things.  She had 2 litters of puppies. 
The first 11 puppies sired by
Ch. Sprucegrove's Hunter's Dream CDX and
the second produced 12 puppies sired by
OTCh. Wheatfield's A Plus WCX.  Both these litters
produced some outstanding obedience competitors
and hunting dogs.
OTCh. Charmlee's Prairie Morgana WCX JH
April 1995 - July 2008
Morgan was the female we kept from Charm's first
litter.  She was full of personality and one of my
favorite dogs ever.
MOTCh. Charmlee's Marshland Ruger WCX JH TDX
April 1995 - June 2008
Ruger was the pick male from Charm's first litter and
was my dads companion for 13 years.  He was
Saskatchewan's first MOTCh and an 
awesome hunting dog.

MOTCh. Charmlee's Turbo
Nov 1998 - Apr 2011
Turbo was my pick male from Charm's second litter.
I don't know where to begin writing about this dog.  There
was nothing he wouldn't do for me.  He excelled in the
obedience ring placing in the top 10 obedience dogs in 
Canada for 2 years.  He wasn't always the flashiest
dog in the ring but he was the most consistent,
picking up qualifying scores in the 190's weekend after
weekend after weekend all across the prairies.
He was a joy to live with, travel with, train. 
Charmlee's Autumn Topaz CDX WCI JH
Nov 1998 - Dec 2011
Topaz was our pick female from Charm's second
litter.  She wasn't fond of the stresses of competition
but she enjoyed the training and was a great hunting
dog for my mom for many years.  She was bred twice
and produced some outstanding puppies.  She had 6
pups with Ch. Kenmare's Impressive Son WC JH
and 8 with OTCh. Ram River Betchucan.  

Charmlee's Nikki CDX WCI JH  RA TD
June 2001 - March 2014
Nikki was the sweetest dog you'll ever meet.  She seemed to know when someone was feeling down and just needed her to sit quietly with her paw in their lap.  She loved working and obedience training and was very birdy but retired from competition when Topher passed to spend almost 9 years going to work with Rick except for a couple months break when she lived with our friend Jessie after she lost her dog.  
MOTCh. Charmlee's TnJ's Special Blend WCX SH TD DDX AGIS AGIJS RE
Feb 2007 - Dec 2018
TeeJay was our keeper from Jade's first litter. He was just a all around cool dog.  He loved to train and trial but also had a bit of a sense of humor.  He took over the "job" of going to work with Rick after we lost Nikki and never met a creature he didn't call friend, including cats, cows and horses.  He sired one litter with GoodnGold's Just Do it. 
April 2003 - November 2020
We weren't planning to keep a puppy from Jade's litter.  But fate stepped in and the home she was supposed to go through fell through so we decided she could stay.  Wow, best decision ever.  In training she was the type of dog who wanted to be right.  If she knew what I wanted I could always count on her.  She became our first Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion.  At home and travelling she was the easiest dog to live.  She was a great mom and produced our first Grand Master Hunter.  She had 9 puppies with Charmlee's Turbo and 11 with Kamlyn I Glassloon Tully Bear.

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Emerald - MOTCh. GMH Charmlee's Emerald WCX  RM AGXS AGXJS IPS DDX BDD TD  -  Nov 2010
Torque  - MOTCh Charmlee's Got Torque  WCX MH RM AGNS AGNJS DDX TD  -  Nov 2011
Tim - MOTCh Charmlee's Ever Op Tim Istic RM WCX SH AGIS  AGXJS IPS TD  DD -  June 2013
Alex Charmlee's Emerald By Day  CDX RA WCX SH TD  -  April 2018
Tatum Charmlee's Bring it Home Tatum CD RN WCX JH DD BDD TD  -  Dec 2019



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